Scooter Cannonball Support Truck Services

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By purchasing this item, you are accepting basic roadside assistance and scooter transport/hauling services (described below) on the Scooter Cannonball Support Truck.

This purchase is non-refundable.  Scooter hauling is available if you have experienced a mechanical failure or injury while riding and are unable to continue that day.  If you are injured, or for any other reason, at any time during the event unable to continue traveling with the event, your scooter will not be transported.  Example: If you are in an accident that requires medical transport, the scooter will need to be separately transported and secured by local authorities.

Passenger seating in the truck is limited.  There may be situations where space is unavailable to transport you as a passenger.  You will be responsible for securing your own transportation to the hotel.  Passenger space constraints will be made known up front when contacting the driver.  You must pass the CDC COVID-19 Screening questionnaire to travel as a passenger in the support truck.  Riders who purchased this roadside assitance prior to the event are given priority over you in all respects.

Scooters will be arranged and transported in a way that optimizes available space in the enclosed truck (L12' x W6').  While every attempt will be made to avoid scratches and dents to your scooter it is likely to happen given the nature of this offering.

If space permits your scooter may be transported for multiple days, however, the priority each day is to preserve space for future breakdowns.  The absolute furthest your property will be transported is the finish line location in Eureka, California.  Once the truck arrives at the finish line, all tires and scooters will be unloaded, and the truck emptied.

You understand that your property is not insured by the driver or the Scooter Cannonball event.  The support truck could be involved in an accident or theft that results in total loss of your property.  The truck could experience a mechanical failure that results it not arriving at the finish hotel at the expected day or time. You will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement prior to the driver accepting any property that more specifically reaffirms these risks and your acceptance of them.